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Exercise Caution when Hiring

Many businesses hire workers as “independent contractors,” rather than as “employees.” Doing so may help a business avoid time, expense and legal obligations. The person hired may also prefer such an arrangement. The problem is that the label “independent contractor” is not always recognized in law–even where the parties have a written agreement to that . . . → Read More: Exercise Caution when Hiring “Independent Contractors.”

Just because you call someone an 'outside salesperson' doesn't make it so....

Nora recently completed a three-week jury trial in Los Angeles Superior Court. The trial was the first phase of a bifurcated (fancy talk for “divided”) class action involving the claims of over 500 plumbers who were misclassified as “outside salespeople” and therefore unfairly deprived of wages and overtime. One would think that paying a plumber . . . → Read More: Just because you call someone an ‘outside salesperson’ doesn’t make it so….