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Legal writing doesn't have to be dull

I am a good attorney for different reasons. One is that I am a pretty good writer. I have always liked writing; in fact I once wanted to be a journalist, but that is another story.

My legal mentor always advised me to write short, active-tense sentences and to avoid “legalese” at all costs. Some . . . → Read More: Legal writing doesn’t have to be dull

You go, Girl!

“We help people to get paid for their hard work” is one of R & J’s oft-quoted mottos. Some people arguably deserve it more than others. Consider the case of Vilma Serralta, who recently made headlines when she sued a wealthy Atherton couple for unpaid overtime.

Ms. Serralta alleges that she worked 14-hour days, six . . . → Read More: You go, Girl!

Musings on annoying discovery tactics

In January I was busy completing my mandatory continuing legal education (“MCLE”)requirements. It’s not bad, 25 hours every three years, and minimum amounts in ethics (Ethics? Lawyers? Hah! some might say), detection of substance abuse and elimination of bias.

One nice thing is that one can “attend” a CLE session without leaving the comfort of . . . → Read More: Musings on annoying discovery tactics

Our Cat, Jeri

Our cat, Jeri, died today. I feel compelled to say a few words…

When we got Jeri, we were newly married and living in our first apartment in Los Gatos. I had never owned a cat before but Jon had and he really wanted a cat. He did not however want to go out . . . → Read More: Our Cat, Jeri