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You go, Girl!

“We help people to get paid for their hard work” is one of R & J’s oft-quoted mottos. Some people arguably deserve it more than others. Consider the case of Vilma Serralta, who recently made headlines when she sued a wealthy Atherton couple for unpaid overtime.

Ms. Serralta alleges that she worked 14-hour days, six days per week. She performed various glamorous tasks including (but not limited) to cleaning bathrooms, washing windows, cooking, doing laundry, and caring for a small child. For this she was apparently paid about $250.00-$350 per week. Oh–and she got to live in the house.

So anyway, she got fired, allegedly for having left a chicken bone in the sink. She must have talked to someone who clued her in to the fact that she had been exploited (to say the least) and voila, a lawsuit is born. She is being represented by attorneys from Legal Aid in San Francisco.

It probably is foolish of me to say this, but I wish that she was MY client. What fun we would have! Nevertheless, I wish her the best of luck and I hope she collects every penny due.

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